Gadget Insurance

At MyGadgetUmbrella, we’ve got you covered with insurance for all your electronic devices.

Whether you’re looking to protect your brand-new iPhone 15 or insure multiple gadgets, we have the perfect plan. Our multi-gadget application makes it easy to add the details of your gadgets and customise your coverage. Our insurance plans offer affordable premiums, and you benefit from additional discounts when you cover more than one gadget.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – get a quote today by completing the form below – and join thousands of satisfied customers who trust us to keep their gadgets safe.

Multi-Gadget Application

A form to collect details of multiple Gadgets for insurance purposes.

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Add your gadgets

Enter the details of your gadgets - and remember you will automatically be awarded a 10% discount with 2 gadgets and 20% with 4 or more
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The total premium you will pay each month. If you have chosen 2 or 3 gadgets we have automatically applied a 10% discount, and if you have insured 4 or 5 gadgets the discount is 20%.

If you want to insure 6 or more gadgets click here, give us your details, and we will call you to give you an even better price.

Please read the Insurance Product Information Document before completing your application – click here