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What is covered

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Accidental Damage

Damage or smashed screen from an accident which stops your gadget from working.

Liquid Damage

Damage caused by liquids.


Theft of your gadget.

Worldwide cover

We cover your gadget anywhere in the world, for up to 90 days.


We will replace your gadget if you lose it, provided you have selected loss cover (£1.99 per month) when you took out your policy.

What is NOT covered

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Cosmetic damage

Cosmetic damage like scratches and dents that do not affect the functionality of your device.

Replacements / Repairs sent outside the UK

Whilst you are covered worldwide, all repairs and replacement gadgets must be sent to you at a UK address.

Laptop Loss

Loss insurance is unavailable for laptop computers, MacBooks, desktop computers and associated equipment such as monitors.

Things to remember

Insurance Excess

An excess is a payment that you make when your claim is successful. We pay all the costs that exceed the excess up to the limits shown in your policy. The excess varies depending on the type of gadget and the cause of loss; for example, accidental damage claims often carry a different excess from theft claims.

Device Age

When you take out your policy the items you insure must be less than 36 months old.  They must have been purchased new from a VAT-registered retailer or manufacturer in the United Kingdom and must be in full working order.

Customer Age

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this insurance.

Proof of Ownership

If you make a claim, we may require proof that the gadget you are claiming for is yours. Receipts or original packaging should be kept, or if the device is a mobile phone then proof that the handset is connected to an airtime contract in your name may be required. Serial and/or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers must be provided to us when you apply for the cover.